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  • Making Commercials: 4G-Whiz

    Sprint recently rolled out "Firsts," a commercial for the world's first 4G mobile phone with the help of Venice, California-based Mothership
  • no-image-933

    From the Editor: You Say You Want a R(evolution)

    Anyone who's been in the film and video business longer than five minutes knows the rapid pace at which things change. Some changes — black-and-white to
  • Hummingbird Productions Bob Farnsworth

    Inside View: Hummingbird Productions

    If you've ever gotten to the end of a :30 commercial and asked yourself, 'Who was that for?' there's a fundamental problem. You should remember what the
  • The Milwaukee fall skyline looking west from Lake Michigan.

    Spotlight: Great Lakes

    Traditional manufacturing and industry have been in decline in the states bordering the Great Lakes, but motion picture and television production are doing
  • The New Media E-volution Has Begun

    Have you noticed that content doesn't change when a new medium comes on the scene? Books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television all present
  • Making TV: The Sport of Shooting Adventure-Sports Stories

    Last May, a veteran team comprised of a DP and 11 camera operators, many with pedigrees from NFL Films, descended on Vail, Colorado to make final
  • Howard Hall used tungsten sealed-beam movie lights to film the 70mm IMAX 3D feature, Under the Sea 3D.

    Lighting: Illuminating Choices

    New lighting fixtures continually come on the market offering shooters and lighting designers new creative options and greater efficiencies. But adding
  • AnEFX sound production for NBC's The Event

    Audio: Eye on Sound

    Watching films, television shows and commercials is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one. Original music and sound design work hand in hand