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FirstCom Music’s Gotham Music Library Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary with New Logo and Album Releases

Gotham Music - GLAM SQUAD

Gotham Music – GLAM SQUAD

Gotham Music Library, the first production music library designed by music directors for music directors, will celebrate its 25th anniversary as part of FirstCom Music with the unveiling of a new logo and upcoming new album releases.

Created by FirstCom Music and renowned music director Emanuel “Manny” Kallins, Gotham Music Library teams Emmy award-winning composers and New York’s finest musicians to create a signature sound that has been used in the world’s top film, TV, trailers, and other media productions. Among the composers are Chieli Minucci of contemporary jazz group Special EFX, and Steve Skinner, who has produced for Jewel, Celine Dione, R. Kelly, and many more.

Kallins, creator and executive producer for Gotham Music, said: “Twenty-five years ago, in my new office as music director for Lifestyles was a box of CDs labeled ‘FirstCom Music.’ I learned the libraries and started using them. Now FirstCom is the home of my Gotham Music Library. My 25-year relationship with FirstCom—first as a client and then as a music producer—is still musically strong and healthy. We’ve done big things together and have been ahead of the curve.”

Ken Nelson, FirstCom senior VP and executive producer added: “Manny produces incredible music for Gotham and the clients love it! As the creator, producer, and primary composer he knows what sells and what they need. Manny has is able to anticipate trends and needs for music users around the world. His high-energy, positive, and inspired approach for broadcast, promotion, and advertising has made Gotham a favorite among music supervisors, editors, and creatives.”

Kallins, a veteran New York producer, was one of the first music directors to score with FirstCom Music on the successful 1990s American weekly TV series Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. As viewers loved the flashy cars, houses, and playthings all placed to the background of carefully chosen music setting the scene for “caviar dreams,” Kallins used FirstCom music for about 75 percent of the shows featured music for five seasons.

Twenty-five years since Kallins joined with FirstCom, today the Gotham Music catalog is a go-to source for programs such as The Today Show, Dancing with the Stars, Access Hollywood, Dateline, American Idol, 700 Club, Live! With Kelly and Michael, E! News, The Queen Latifah Show, The View, Totally NASCAR, Inside the NFL, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and many more. The library continues to have immense popularity with producers and editors and has also proven to be a favorite among ad agencies looking for a big, positive, high-energy treatment of current music trends. Additionally, Gotham has become a go-to music choice for dramatic storytelling and documentary producers.

“By providing the right combination of suspense, emotion, and tension it helps music directors deliver exceptional, dramatic underscore to their projects,” said Nelson, “The artists at Gotham are truly experts at creating a polished and powerful sound pallet for fashion, sports, and entertainment. We have high expectations for these new releases and are proud to continue our work with Manny and Gotham Music Library.”

For the anniversary, FirstCom Music has unveiled a new logo for the brand. Among the first albums to release under the new look is Inspiring Sports Rock and Glam Squad.

September 29, 2015