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Signiant Introduces New Cloud-Based Storage Platform SkyDrop

By Monica Burres

Popular in intelligent file movement, Signiant has announced an extension of its cloud portfolio that enables and accelerates movement of large data and professional media files in and out of cloud storage.

SkyDrop, the SaaS (software as a service) solution improvement to Signiant’s file movement systems, offers high transfer speed, enabling easy and cost-effective exchange of files to and from cloud storage as well as archiving, media processing, and data analysis. Soon to be offered for Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more cloud platforms, Signianttechnology provides a solution for big data and files, such as those required by the media and entertainment industry.

“[The media and entertainment industry] need immediate access to data and often don’t have the resources or expertise to configure and manage a cloud infrastructure,” said Rick Clarkson, VP of product management at Signiant. “Signiant SkyDrop helps solves these problems, ensuring enterprises have the scalability, flexibility, security and control they need.”

SkyDrop enhances the company’s cloud-formed solutions as the resources and software for a highly available, high-speed storage connection becomes a fully managed service – customers need only to install the software and connect their cloud. Learn more at www.signiant.com.

April 10, 2014