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Todd Masters & MASTERSFX Win Second Career Emmy Award for Netflix Movie ‘Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls’

Todd Masters 2016 Daytime Emmy AwardMonster-Maker Todd Masters, founder & president of FX Studio MASTERSFX, has won his second career Emmy Award.

On Friday, April 29, Masters and his team won a 2016 Daytime Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Makeup” for the Netflix TV movie R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls. Masters won the Emmy along with Debbie Lelievre, key makeup artist.

Also sharing the Emmy Award team win are several make-up trailers full of fellow monster-making artists: Mike Fields, Holland Miller, Felix Fox, Harlow MacFarlane, Jason Ward, Sarah Pickersgill, Chris DeVitt, Yukiyo Okajima, Brad Proctor, Thomas Sosnowski, Julia Bors Dollinger, Jennifer Kipps, Courtney Frey, Darlene Brister, Lisa Strong, Amy Van Wormer, Natalie Cosco, Beth Boxall, Vanessa Giles, Judy Andreson, Ceiligh Dunn, April Boyes, Sophia Phillips, Shannon Coppin, and Pearl Louie.

Masters, who won his first Emmy Award for his contributions to HBO’s hit series Six Feet Under, said, “The challenge on the Monsterville project was bringing the immense amount of monster characters to life—on schedule and on-budget, all while retaining a feature film-quality look. We were fortunate to be working again with director Peter DeLuise, who allowed us total creative freedom on the design and approach—which really made it a memorable show. We filled it with prosthetic monsters: witches, goblins, zombies and ghouls—as well as my sister-in-law’s favorite—the Demon Clown! (not!)”

Director Peter DeLuise adds, “I’ve done several shows with Todd and his MASTERSFX team over the years—and it’s always exciting to see whatever magic they deliver. This time, we gave them complete carte blanche to create a gaggle of monsters of nearly every type: Awful. Awesome. Amazing! They truly deserve the Emmy—outstanding work on our show!”

Monsterville EP & writer Dan Angel continues, “Todd Masters and Debbie Lelievre’s teams provided some of the most amazing creature Makeup FX I have ever seen. These teams were top-notch and the makeup and creature work elevated our show. Congratulations on the well deserved Emmy.”

May 2, 2016