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Video: Etnies Creative Team and the Fiilex V70 Color Viewing Lamp

Etnies Creative Team Uses Fiilex: Part I – Rick Mamolijo from Fiilex LED on Vimeo.

Film and TV production isn’t the only industry that requires high-quality, versatile lighting. Rick Marmolijo, merchandise and design manager at Etnies Footwear, has been creating top-of-the-line skate shoes for 10 years. Matching the colors and textures of the material in each shoe is a critical part of the development process, and Marmolijo relies heavily on calibrated lights like the Fiilex V70 Color Viewing Lamp to communicate his ideas and deliver the high-quality results expected of the Etnies brand. See him discuss the V70 and its impressive ability to speed up the development process by allowing everyone in the office to speak the same language and make color critical decisions with confidence.

May 8, 2015