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Zylight Zooms the Lighting Industry at NAB

By Monica Burres

Zylight F8 JPEG 4The LED lighting solutions company, Zylight, introduced its improved F8 LED Fresnel at the 2014 NAB show. While this product was originally introduced in 2013, the improved version delivers a light output of a 1000-watt Fresnel while possessing the ability to collapse into a less-than-four-inch transportable piece.

The yoke mount can accommodate a 90-degree stand mounting for greater positioning, while all adjustments are manageable with one knob. The light itself now holds focus position with a new self-locking focus. With a new heat sink orientation, 20 percent better cooling is available while a self-terminating DMX input is included.

The new edition of Zylight’s LED Fresnel has been widely accepted among professionals in the industry, including broadcast studios, ENG news crews, and even independent filmmakers.

Whether the daylight (5600K) or tungsten (3200K) version, the newest F8 draws only 100 watts. Offering an adjustable beam spread, it is fully dimmable with a focusing system for spot and flood operations.

Possibly a better choice for ENG applications, the waterproof F8 features a more balanced natural light output, wireless technology workable via remote control, and power by a 14.4V camera battery or AC adapter. Revamped and ready to go while still maintaining classic features, the newest F8 promises a rewarding lighting experience.

July 14, 2014